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So geez, it's been awhile since I last wrote anything. I don't even know where to start. To make it as short and as sweet as possible, I broke up with my boyfriend, got kicked out of my new apartment because of the shit that happened the night before he left. I lost my job the other day because I was stressed out and needing the day off to go and have fun and get away. They wouldn't give it to me off, so I decided to take it off anyhow. Instead of being on a line making burritos, nachos and tacos, I was on rollercoasters and water rides. I think it was a good decision overall, because I just snagged a job at Ruloff's today. :) 2 days of being jobless and I already have another job. Not too shabby. Aside from all of that things are going alright. I'm seeing someone who is awesome and it's finally clicking into place in a good way and that makes me happy. That broken link that's been missing from my life since forever is finally there and it's going extremely well.

Anyhow, I shall write more later at some point once I'm back to being computerized.
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