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I signed the lease today with my boyfriend and my good friend Kate. We get to move in by August 12th, if not sooner and then everything shall be bad ass! For those who don't know, the apartment is right next door to the porn shop, so you know... lots of back-boothing it for me! ;)

Castaways was fun last night. Got really drunk, made name tags for everyone so that we all fit in more with the class of '85 reunion. After that, a few of us went to First Dam and went skinny dipping and such. The water felt really nice and the falls were heavy... it was a heavy flow at First Dam.

After that ate some Shortstop and passed out. It's been a great week so far... aside from working. Ugh. I swear I work every damn day... and will for like the next 2 weeks. :-/ At least I don't have to be in until the PM tonight.

Anyhow, I'm off to see my man work his stuff at the Palace... peace
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