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Day off

So today was my day off. What did I do on my day off, you might ask yourself? Well, I at least got to sleep in until about 3pm. I got on my computer to find that I had some annoying trojan horse on it. Fucking yay. No time to do anything with it, so I shut it off. So that was the start of a good mood. Then I went up to work, grabbed my paycheck, cashed it. Somehow put way too much more in my bank than I should have had to because for some reason I was -.41, even after putting back in the money I spent last night. It doesn't really make much sense. So I put in another $20, just in case. Although I think I should have, once everything clears, about $30 in there. I hope so. Anyhow, that was obnoxious. I went to the mall, looked around at everything I wanted to have and ate Wendy's. Then I went back home. I spend from around 6pm to almost 1am trying to fix my computer, having everything fail and getting more and more pissed off at it. Earlier I ask Cody if he wants to go shopping, since it's a) friday and I still have money... tomorrow I just might not... and b) I needed to get away from this fucking computer. and c) There's been no food in the house in like 2 weeks. Give or take.

So I call Wilhelm up and we go get groceries. I buy just whatever shit we needed and whatever stuff I wanted to have for my eating pleasure. I get back here, make a pizza, eat that, work on my computer and maintain a pretty pissy self.

Now this piece of shit is fixed, I'm still pissed off... I think it's a combination of my fucking day yesterday and the fact that I spent most of my day off dealing with bullshit and not being able to do stuff like clean around the house and shit, which I usually do on my day off. I really could have used some veggin' out today. But whatever.

I want to fucking break shit right now. Don't know why. It's just how I feel. Or I want to just scream at the top of my lungs and kick holes in the walls. FUCK YEAH! That'd be so much fucking fun right now.

Anyhow, I'm gonna either watch some shit and pass out.

Tomorrow will be better. Although now that I have $20 left to my name, it looks like I've done all my shopping for the week. Fucking christ... I don't know what the hell is going on, but I do know 2 things. First of all, I don't go out drinking as much anymore, and my rent is cheaper. Yet for some fucking reason, I have no money constantly, it feels.

I'm not even buying all that much crap at all. Mostly it seems to all go to eating out and cigarettes. Well, I don't think I'll need to spend much of anything for the rest of the week. Hopefully.

I'm gonna go find a pitch fork now, and jam it into my brain.

Cheers, fuckfaces!
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