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Evil Tea Bitch + Fire = Homeless

Well... what's new with me, I wonder?

2 Friday nights ago, I was getting home from being out drinking and the tea shop below our apartment was on fire. Lucky us. Jimbo, Seth and Brandon were standing outside as well as D with her snake and Jonathon... both barefoot, because they happened to be sleeping when the smoke was bellowing. I get back and try and call Cody to tell him what's all going on. I'm also really drunk and trying to keep good spirits up, considering.

I check with everyone to see if they are doing alright and talking to my friends. Then after a tiny bit I see Cody there with Josh. Cody is just sorta hanging out with Josh and I walk up to him. The first thing I notice is that there are tears brewing in his eyes and I'm thinking "Uh, ok." The firemen had to break into the porn shop and make sure the fire didn't spread there and to let the smoke bellow out. Somehow the smoked leaked into there as well. So I say to Cody "At least you don't have to wake up early tomorrow to work." In response he says "Not funny" and quickly turns around like a drama queen and walks away. That pretty much killed my good mood.

I bitch him out calling him selfish and how he moved out so he doesn't even give a shit about our apartment or what's going on. He's only giving a shit about his job that he hates and has even jokingly made comments numerous times about burning the place down. He tells me that he does give a shit about the apartment because he "still has stuff up there." What a fucking dick. That was it. I really just wanted to kick his ass. I was sitting there pissed off saying "I want to kick him in the back of the head... just let me do it." After all that I was just a total raving lunatic at him. I always knew he was selfish, but that takes the cake. He didn't go up to D, who was very upset about it all, and ask her if she was ok. He probably wouldn't have even talked to me if I had never came up to him in the first place. He was too busy walking around crying about if he's going to have a job or not.

So now we aren't talking to each other. I realized that night that I just don't need people like him in my life. What a fucking piece of shit. I'm debating whether or not I should just throw all of his stuff onto the curb and leave it there. That would definately be fun to do.

Anyhow, the rumor is that we won't be able to get back into it to live again until sometime next year. They want to use this as an opportunity to really fix everything up, put in alarm systems and sprinkler systems and other stuff. The bathroom needs to be rebuilt, I guess, as well as the septic and water pipes in the whole building. What a mess.

So now I'm at a point where I'm definately not signing a lease and I'm not getting a new apartment here. I will go to NYC and continue my life there. I decided to take a vacation last week after the fire and went from Tuesday to this past Sunday. I had a blast. Won $150 with my best friend doing karaoke, saw Ivanka Trump the first night at a karaoke bar and just ran all around town and had a blast. I already have a couple jobs I could get and I have many places I can crash.

So now I have to sell all my DVDs, pack up what I want to keep and shove them in storage at a friend's place and bail to NYC. I assume I will be going there by the end of October at the latest.

More about everything later. If any of you see Cody around town, call him a faggot and kick him in the junk for me.
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