Herman Nugent (hermanny) wrote,
Herman Nugent

It's funny...

...how my lyrics still fit into my life today... perhaps that means I haven't learned a damn thing since then. Although written somewhat differently and for a different situation, it still kinda fits.

Forget the fright

Roaming blinded
Forgot all signs

Moving by you
Silent all the time

They can read all about it
My words are safe inside
It's just like me to hide
I'd like to go inside your head

But that's insane

My pen is my shroud

"Tell her, coward.
Do it now, man"

"No way, I'm fine.
No time for it"

Pretending I'm fine

Maybe I'll whine about it
Annoying medication
Why bother fixing things
When I can sort of soar without it

I am retarded

Can't be here
Without a fight
Everything is a struggle

I'm like a bird in flight
Set in a pool of bright light
I can see bottom now
The world inside is blinding white

Forget about it
I'm sad about it
Inside of me lies a coward's mind
Mad about it
Kinda glad about it
If my mind could only flow this way in life

Someday the ride
Will open wide
"Oh, you're fine...
This time"

So, you're alive
Close your eyes
Speak and maintain your pride

Presenting your side
Can you not survive?
It's time to decide

(It's time to decide)
Forget the fright
Did you decide?

Why do I wish that you're mine
Kill me

Well I think about it day and night time
Help me learn to love you for the first time
Can't reach out and hold you at the right time

My feelings
And my time
Have weakened
To trick me into thinking I have a right

Who cares about that?

With this crazy fear
I can't win this fight
With this fight
One day I'll stop
And I'll be real proud
But in the meantime
I can hide

It's just like me to hide
I'd like to go inside your head

But I'm insane
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